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(Updated: 4/09/14)

• All pkmncollectors rules apply.
• Will sell to pkmncollectors members only. No partial/banned users.
• Sales permission granted by allinia on 10-27-2012. My feedback.

• I am willing to trade for items in my Wants List.
• Committing gets priority over quotes, even if you asked for a quote first. (Pay first = priority)
• Will only hold items if you will COMMIT to buy.
• Backing out of sales/commitment will result in a Negative Feedback.
• I have the right to refuse my services to anyone, especially if you're being rude, pushy, demanding, shady, negative, or have always been asking for quotes but never buy anything.

• I accept PAYPAL. Prices are in USD; shipping & paypal fees excluded, unless otherwise noted.
• I charge the cheapest exact estimate shipping. I do not charge any handling fees or material costs.
• Concealed cash is accepted. But use at your own risk. An

• from a smoke-free home in California, USA. I will ship INTERNATIONALLY via USPS.
• items will be shipped in polymailer envelopes, or box for large orders. Pokedoll tags will be protected.
• if you want other shipping methods/add-ons (like insurance, signature confirmation etc), please let me know.
• International shipping prices have increased. Please take note.
• I am no longer responsible for your items once they leave my doorstep.

• Ask only if you're serious! You can basically add up your own total to get an estimated price with shipping for the item you want.
• Any questions? (like item/tag condition, other shipping methods, etc.) Feel free to ask.
• I will leave you a feedback once you have left one for me.
• CTRL + F for your favorite Pokemon or Brand.
• Right click > view image/open image in a new tab for larger photos.
New/Mint > Near Mint > Good > Fair
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  • Current Location: USA

Closed and Outdated

Permanent sales post is outdated and closed. Please do take note of the last time the post was updated, it's exactly a year ago! I haven't checked in 10 months or so, and I do apologize for the confusion, if there is any. But do keep in mind that this is an OLD POST, in which I don't know how you were able to dig up, so please do yourself a favor as well and do not keep your hopes up and expect that the items listed are still available. Just saying :P have a good day! :)

..:: WANTS ::..

Check out my Collection: modkore.weebly.com

MWT or not as long as they are in good condition..and priced reasonably.

I prefer all below to be MWTs.
(I already have some of them but may not be in mint condition OR are mint but missing their hang tags).

Houndour MWT only = $200 shipped
Jigglypuff MWT = $55
Salamence MWT only = $200
Wailord MWT only = $100 low priority
Spheal MWT = $150
Corphish MWT only = $75 shipped
Buneary JP MWT (JP only) = $40 shipped
Latios and Latias JP MWT (JP only) = $50 shipped each
Rayquaza MWT only = $40 shipped

I am willing to trade for these guys. You can view my Permanent Sales Post to see my items up for grabs.
My location: CA, USA.

My Pokemon Story

Hello there! My name is Francis, and I am a Pokemon collector. Well, I have loved Pokemon since it first came out. When I was young, I used to watch the anime every Friday night and I have never missed even a single episode, until they stopped airing it for some unknown reason. I used to collect Pokemon TCGs. I have some decks, like the Jungle, Fossil, and Team Rocket, but I never got around playing with them as I am more focused in collecting. I also have a few Pokemon figures and those Tomy wind-up toys. I was able to play Red and Blue Version in my cousins' Gameboy Color. I do not have my own Gameboy and a copy of the game due to our family's financial instability. Luckily, I have wonderful cousins who were kind enough to let me play with their games. I remember we all used to play in the same save file and finished the game countless times. We even hunted MissingNo, so we can use the cheat to get Rare Candies. :P I was also able to play Gold and Silver Version when they got both copies. I was on 'Pokemon hiatus' when I was in high school so I can focus with my studies. I then started playing Pokemon again when I got a PC through an emulator (Visualboy Advance). :D And when we were more stable financially, my mom gave me a PSP for my 17th birthday. I then discovered that there is a Gameboy emulator for PSP, so, yes, I played Pokemon again xD I mostly played Gold and Ruby Versions. I also had the chance to play HeartGold when I got myself a DSi XL. I never really got around playing DPP, so I don't know so much about the 4th generation back then.
I started actively collecting again sometime in 2012, and this time, I am collecting plushies. I then discovered PKMNcollectors here on LiveJournal, and I was very happy to see lots of cool Pokemon merchandise I never knew that exist, plus, collectors with their collections all in one place. My collection then mostly consist of old plushies from Jakks, Hasbro, and Play-by-Play and only a few Pokedolls in hand. I felt the need to step-up my collection and took it positively as a challenge to rev-up my collection. The focus of my collection now are Pokedolls and Banpresto UFOs. I am hoping one day that I'd complete all known Pokedolls MWT (mint with tag). I would also like to get all Pokemon with their respective official plushies. I am slowly letting go of my old plushies, especially those that are in used condition and have duplicates, to make way for my dream of being a Mint Only Collector. Currently, I have over 375 Pokemon species in my collection and over 600 Pokemon plush toys, in which most of them are stored in plastic bins, and all these guys are inside my room. xD Thank you for stopping by my Pokemon biography and hopefully you enjoyed reading. ^__^